About Space Pesa

Welcome to Space Pesa! 

We’re all about helping you navigate the online money-making world. Think of us as your go-to buddies for everything about setting up an online business, making it big in Kenya’s vibrant digital economy, or simply earning a few extra bucks online. 

We’ve got tons of resources, real-life advice, and practical tools that make it all seem like a breeze. No jargon, no fuss, just plain speaking. Let’s make things happen, together!

Meet The Founder

Hey there! I’m Ombasa, the heartbeat behind Space Pesa. When I’m not hitting high notes (yes, I could give Jason Derulo a run for his money) or enjoying the serenity of a long drive, I’m diving headfirst into the digital world.


My journey started years back when I discovered the potential of the online space. I fell in love with it, and I’ve been working online ever since. I also run OnMedia, a creative digital agency where we dream in design, SEO and dynamite strategies. It’s true, my mind never takes a break!


But why stop there, right? I realized I wanted to help others explore the vast opportunities of the digital world, and voila! Space Pesa was born.


Think of Space Pesa as your roadmap to navigate and succeed in the finance and business realm. Come on board; the journey is even more fun when we travel together.”