FeetFinder Review: Is it Legiit or a Scam?

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Are you all about that passive income?

If you’ve been looking into ways to make money passively, you must’ve come across the concept of selling feet pictures and video online. It sounds pretty straightforward; take a photo or recording of your feet, post them online, and whoever likes it will buy it. And that’s because it is.  

But the issue often arises on where exactly to sell feet pics. Do you go for instafeet, Feetify, or FeetFinder?

Spoiler; all of them.

However, this blog will be a FeetFinder review, a relatively new site for selling feet pictures. 

FeetFinder Review: What is FeetFinder, and is it legit?

FeetFinder is one of the latest marketplaces in the feet pics business. So naturally, questions are bound to arise about its legitimacy.

From what we could gather, FeetFinder is as real as it gets. It is a safe and secure marketplace where verified users can sell and buy exclusive pictures and videos of feet. Emphasis on the safe part because sites that require you to sell pictures of yourself need to be a safe and secure environment. 

Fortunately, there has been no data breach so far. The platform also has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot from sellers who have had positive experiences. Most say it’s relatively easy to get started and sell feet pics on FeetFinder. 

And as you would expect, there are a couple of negative reviews, but these are from people who think they’re not making money as fast as possible on the platform. 

How does FeetFinder Work?

As with every marketplace, you first need to sign up as a seller before you can start selling. The process is relatively short but includes ID verification before your account is approved. This is meant to ensure that the content is coming from a real person of legal age. 

Once everything is set up, you can sell your photos in two ways;

  • As individual photos going for anything above $5 or
  • As a subscription that gives the buyer access to your photo catalog for a fixed monthly fee.

You’ll also be charged a small subscription fee of  $3.99 per month, which is about $48 a year. The fee is used for maintaining and updating the platform’s security features. 

Buyers on FeetFinder can also message sellers privately to request a specific photo. This allows for some level of customization, which gives sellers the opportunity to charge more and make more money. 

Sellers can also decide if only subscribers will be allowed to send private messages and get responses. So if your pics are good, this is an excellent way to increase your subscriber count and earn more. 

On their end, FeetFinder has partnered with two payment processors, Paxum and Segpay. The latter is for US-based seller transactions, while the former covers international transactions. The goal is to ensure that all transactions are completed smoothly and safely. 

Note that other users of Feet Finder cannot see your phone number, bank details, or any other personal information that you’ll use to sign up and verify your account. This ensures your privacy by preventing any unwanted contact outside of the platform. 

What about the payment? 

FeetFinder takes a not-so-tiny commission of 20% on all sales. The platform says that the commission covers transaction fees and pays for data security. As a seller, you get to keep the remaining 80%. 

FeetFinder Review: How to get started with FeetFinder

To make money of FeetFinder;

  1. Register your account: Head over to the official FeetFinder website and register as a seller of feet content. 
  2. Fill in the form: You’ll be required to fill in a form that asks for your full name, age, residence, and other bits of personal information. You need to be above 18 years old to be a seller on FeetFinder. 
  3. Verify your identity: FeetFinder will need to verify your age and identity to ensure that you’re not a bot or running a fake account. So, you have to upload a photo of your ID. You may even be required to take a selfie while holding the ID. 
  4. Pay the subscription fee: Once your account has been approved, the final step is paying the $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year subscription fee.
    You can also upgrade your account to premium for an extra $15 a year (total $29.99). While the fee plays a part in meeting the operating fees of FeetFinder, the platform also says that they introduced it to ensure that only serious sellers use the platform. It will also be used to increase marketing efforts, promote sellers, and improve the user experience.  
  5. Upload content: You can now start uploading feet pics to your FeetFinder ‘My Material’ Page. There are several categories to choose from, including Lotion, Arched, High Heels, Nail Polish, and Sandles.  And although you can upload unlimited content, videos longer than ten minutes won’t be accepted.

Once uploaded, all the photos will be blurred to ensure that other users don’t gain access without paying first. 

How much can you make selling feet pics?

While the lure of passive income is great, you also want to know how much money you stand to make and whether or not it’s worth it. When it comes to feet pics, it boils down to whoever is purchasing the content. Some people are willing to pay $5, while others don’t mind parting with $100 for a single photo.

Your earnings will also be affected by the quality of your pictures and how well you market your content. Generally though, if you want to make money selling feet pics;

Take quality photos

Just because buyers can’t see the photo before buying it doesn’t mean you can get away with providing low-quality photos. Quality is essential in anything that involves photography. It goes a long way in enhancing your reputation as a seller and ensuring that buyers keep coming back for more.  

Choose your pricing carefully

FeetFinder allows you to price your pictures and videos yourself. So, you must price your feet pics well relative to your competitors’ quality. The average price for photos and videos on the platform is around $20. 

Sellers are also resulting to ingenious ways to sell more. For instance, you can bundle several photos together and sell them at an ‘offer,’ attracting more buyers.

Get into the referral program

Every FeetFinder user gets a unique referral code/link that they can share with whomever they wish. The code will be automatically entered into the referral section of any signup if a new user signs up with the link. 

This has allowed FeetFinder to run a referral program that works surprisingly well. So, sellers can make extra money by earning a small commission on the sales of those who joined the platform through their referral code.

The commission stands at 10%. However, it’s not deducted from the seller’s earnings but rather from FeetFinder’s fee. To put this into better perspective:

  • User B joins the platform using User A’s referral link. If user B sells $1000, they take their 80% ($800), while use A makes $100 (10%) as the commission.  

Specialize and customize

FeetFinder has dozens of feet pics categories. A seller worth their salt will appreciate that they can’t consistently produce quality pictures under every category. Instead, you want to specialize in a few categories you’re most comfortable with. 

Buyers can also message you and request specific photos. Take such clients seriously since they’re often willing to pay more for custom foot content than they would for regular ones. 

Go premium

FeetFinder’s premium accounts usually get featured in marketing ads and social media posts. Think of it as free marketing for your content. 

This level of exposure allows sellers to sell more and raise the prices of their photos and videos. You’ll also get more custom offers from high-paying clients after being featured. 

Feetfinder pros and cons

Feetfinder is an excellent place to start making passive income. Here is a look at some of its strengths and weaknesses. 


  • FeetFinder lets you, as the seller, determine the price you’re going to charge on the content you publish. This allows you to better respond to the forces of demand and supply and thus, thrive if you have a solid business strategy. 
  • You can cancel your account at any time if you’re not satisfied with the platform. However, Feetfinder cannot refund any products or services already sold on the website. 
  • Feetfinder offers weekly cash giveaways to active sellers. They search for active sellers who regularly interact with the platform on social media and then buys some of their content. 
  •  The platform is available for free to all buyers. This attracts more buyers, creating the potential for sellers to make more money. 
  • Feetfinder is a very serviceable site, i.e., they provide enough practical and detailed information, which ensures that their users are fully informed. 


  • Some people will find the 20% commission a bit too much for their liking. 
  • Feetfinder isn’t free, and there is no free trial available for sellers. Instead, users must pay a monthly charge of $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year to be able to sell their pictures and videos on the site. 
  • There is no FeetFinder app as of yet. Users are limited to the web version, which prevents them from taking and uploading photos on the go.  FeetFinder actually started as an app. However, they were rejected by Google Play Store and the App Store because the app was deemed a fetish app. 
  • You need an ID to register for FeetFinder. While this is a reliable measure to deter underage and fake sellers from their website, it can be a huge inconvenience when signing up. This is especially the case when you’re required to take a headshot of you holding your ID.  

Who buys feet pics?

Feet fetishists automatically come to mind when we’re asked this question. These are men and women who are sexually aroused by feet. They like it when they see, feel, or touch their partner’s feet and tend to express their fetishism by touching, licking, smelling, worshipping, or biting feet. They also tend to buy feet pictures and videos to satisfy their foot fetish.

However, not everybody that buys feet pics is a feet fetishist. Other people that buy feet photos and videos include;

  • Feet model agents and agencies who help feet models find modeling jobs. They typically buy feet pictures shared by candidates actively looking for jobs. They can also buy from sites like FeetFinders. 
  • Advertisers from brands that produce footwear, nail polishes, cosmetics, anklets, and other accessories. They use feet pics for advertising their products. 
  • Newspapers and magazines running a story on human feet. They can buy feet pictures and use them on the cover of the issue or only as that of the story they’re about to publish. 
  • Bloggers and web admins who operate niche blogs and websites. Feet pictures are typically used as support for their feet-related content. 

These are the most typical clients you’ll deal with on FeetFinder. Generally, if an advertiser or a newspaper/magazine publisher contacts you for a feet pic, you’ll cash in a lot of money.

Are there other platforms where you can sell feet content?

Yes. There are lots of places to sell fit pics on the internet. These include; 

  1. Similar sites and marketplaces

There are several other websites like FeetFinder where people buy and sell feet pics. These include Instafeet and Feet Pics, which are all US-based. 

  1. Dating and adult content websites

If you want to cater sorely to the fetish crowd, then you’ll find a ready market in dating and adult content websites. 

  1. Social media

Social media is the new e-commerce hub. No matter what you’re selling, there is someone who’s always willing to buy. If you want to sell your feet pics on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you need to establish yourself as a content creator who sells feet pics. You can also join groups where people sell feet pictures.   

The best feature about social media is that it allows you to sell custom feet content easily.

  1. Stock photography

This is more targeted towards advertisers, website owners, and publishers. You can find your best-looking feet pics and put their licenses up for sale on websites like Shutterstock, iStock Photo, 123RF, Dreamstime, and BigStock Photo.

Final Take on FeetFinder

Selling feet pics online can be a potent source of income, especially on legitimate platforms like FeetFinder. Overall, FeetFinder is an excellent marketplace with several features that allow sellers to thrive. It may have its disadvantages, but if you really want to sell feet pictures and videos, we strongly recommend that you check out FeetFinder.