Forthright Surveys: Easy Way To Earn Rewards from Surveys

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When it comes to remote jobs, two things are indisputable. The first is that the internet is awash with income-earning opportunities. 

The second is that the internet is teeming with fraudulent offers. 

If you have been keen on the gig economy and chances to work remotely, you are likely to have heard about paid surveys. 

Forthright Surveys: Is it Legit or Not?

We live in a highly data-driven world. This data has to come from somewhere. One of the sources of such information is surveys. Traditionally, these would involve drafting questionnaires and administering them to respondents. 

As you can guess, this takes a lot of time and can get labor-intensive. Enter online surveys. Online surveys are exactly like traditional in-person surveys; only respondents answer questionnaires online. 

The party seeking data will place surveys online, where respondents can access and fill them in. this makes it possible to gather large volumes of quantitative data much more quickly and with fewer logistics to think about. 

How Do Online Paid Surveys Work?

Typically, panel websites will require that you fill in a specific number of profiling and screening questionnaires. The answers to these questions let panelists know when a survey is relevant to you.

For example, if airline XYZ needs feedback on its customer experience, their profiling will have questions to find respondents who have flown with XYZ airline. Flyers who have not used the airline would not qualify because they have not experienced customer service. 

Paid online surveys are online surveys where the party seeking data will pay respondents for each survey they complete online. 

Like many other online opportunities, there are legit online surveys that pay you on time. However, numerous sites claim to pay for surveys but never do or have punitive terms that ensure you never make enough cash to warrant a withdrawal. 

Naturally, you want to work online and earn something for your troubles. So, is there a reliable, legit site you can work for with no worries of being conned?

Yes, there is. 

Two words: forthright surveys. 

All About Forthright Surveys

Forthright is a platform that carries out opinion polls and consumer surveys. The company then pays you for sharing your opinions in their surveys. 

If you are familiar with surveys and have been doing them for a while, you might recall a company called innoPoll. InnoPoll was not extremely popular but enjoyed positive reviews for a while. In 2012, the company rebranded and became Forthright. 

Forthright is operated by Bovitz Inc. and is now based in New York. 

How It works

Like other online surveys, Forthright works with clients that need your opinions and feedback on different issues. Towards this end, surveys are put together and emailed to you by Forthright. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Signing up on the site is free. You just enter an email address to join. After that, keep a close eye on your inbox for opportunities to take surveys. These are often limited, so it helps to know about them soon as they come to your email. 

Who Is Forthright For?

Most paid surveys do not pay much. Forthright is not an exception. You are unlikely to be able to live on these surveys fully. Career respondents sign up for tens of online paid survey sites and manage to complete many of them. The cash earned from this is still not enough to live off of. 

Therefore, these surveys are best for someone with some spare time and wants to make a few bucks. The cash you earn can settle a utility bill, pay for gas, buy some coffee, and so on. 

So who is this not for?

If you absolutely hate your job and are looking for something else you can do full-time, Forthright is unfortunately not for you. 

One advantage of working online is that you produce something once and then get paid for it over and over. This makes online working a great passive income earner. Unfortunately, you don’t have this leverage with paid online surveys. You do a survey, get paid once, and that’s it. 

The takeaway is that Forthright is legit, but it’s unlikely to make you rich. 

While this site is genuine, two things make it be associated with scams. 

The first is eligibility screening. One of the primary issues people have with Forthright is regarding eligibility. 

Some sites have a profile or screening section before allowing eligible respondents to proceed to the actual survey. 

Forthright has a different process. 

For example, you can fill out a questionnaire all the way through. After that, Forthright will determine that your responses do not seem to be from someone familiar with the brand or topic. 

Of course, you do not get paid if you are not qualified. 

The issue with this system is that you end up being disqualified after you have taken your time completing a survey, either fully or partially. 

Most people who question Forthright legitimacy do so because of this reason. 

Now, there are two ways to look at this. 

Forthright positions itself as a dependable research company. This means providing accurate, relevant information to their clients each time. 

One way to do this is to ensure that survey questions are written in a way that they are self-screening. This means that aside from collecting the required information, they collect information from the right people right from the start. 

So the beginning of the survey will have questions aimed at weeding out respondents who don’t fit the eligibility requirements. 

You can be weeded out 30 minutes or so into beginning the survey, meaning you just lost this much time. Being disquieted also means you don’t get paid, which can be frustrating. More so because if you don’t qualify, you don’t get paid. 

Most survey takers understand this part of the process and acknowledge it as necessary for polling.

On the flip side are people who think this is an attempt to scam them into not getting their payment deliberately. 

Save for eligibility, another disappointing aspect of paid online surveys is quota requirements. 

Paid surveys are done on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Why? Clients that contact Forthright will give the company the number of people they want to be engaged in each study. 

So, a client might want 200 surveys, but 350 people get them and begin filling them out when the polls are sent out. 

The required 200 eligible people will be paid. One hundred fifty will get a message notifying them that the required quota is full. Respondents that get this message a couple of times will begin to feel cheated and call the platform a scam.

These scenarios are common among most paid online sites, although this does not make these complaints any less legitimate. 

Joining Forthright

Joining Forthright is relatively easy. 

First of all, signing up and taking surveys on the site is free. 

To join, go to the Forthright website and click on the ‘’join’’ button on the homepage’s top right. Once it opens, enter your email address and click on the ”join us” button. You will be prompted to enter your date of birth, gender, and zip code here. 

Ensure to enter this data as accurately as possible and complete your profile fully. The information you provide here will help the site to match you with surveys that align with your demographic.

This will make the process much more interesting for you. It also ensures you are qualified for the surveys sent to you. It’s disheartening to be disqualified from a survey midway through because of eligibility issues. 

You should get a confirmation email in your inbox. Open this and click on the link at the bottom to complete the sign-up process.

When there is a survey ready for you, you will receive an email notification. You can also enter your phone number and get alerts via text. It would be great if you would sign up to get text alerts. This ensures that you become aware of available surveys as soon as they are posted. This will increase your chances of being among the first people to fill them in before the numbers are reached.

A second way to get surveys and view new content is by looking at Forthright’s member’s area. 

You can join Forthright from anywhere globally, though most surveys are matched to members in Canada, the UK, and the US. 

Similarly, you can join at any age, but most surveys are open to people over 18. 


Each time you get a notification to take a survey, you will also get details on how much you will earn. Once you complete the study, you can log into your Forthright bank to request a withdrawal. 

This payment system is one of the reasons why people prefer Forthright to other platforms. 

What most sites do is that they have minimum balance requirements pegged to withdrawals. This means you must meet a certain threshold before you can withdraw funds. Unfortunately, with the low payments offered and sometimes high minimum balances, it often takes eons to reach the minimum amount required for a withdrawal. This makes it difficult to make a withdrawal, and when you do, it’s only after a long period. 

While you do not have to have a minimum account balance, you can opt to accumulate funds before making a withdrawal. This works well for people that want to sort out a particular financial need. In such cases, they can work and accumulate funds until they have the required amount in their account. 

If you are a validated member, you will receive your awards immediately after completing a survey. 

Your choice of rewards include:

  • Cash paid to your Paypal account
  • Bitcoin paid via Coinbase
  • Amazon e-gift cards
  • Tango cards (are exchangeable for gift cards to dozens of major retailers)
  • Donations to Habitat for Humanity

Note that redeeming rewards valued at $10 and below will attract a $0.25 fee. 

Generally, a Forthright survey will earn you anything between $1 and $5. The exact amount is based on the length of the study and its urgency. 

This aside, Forthright has a loyalty bonus scheme in place. If you complete three surveys, you receive a $2 bonus. This bonus applies to respondents that get disqualified halfway through the process of completing a study also. 

What To Expect From A Survey

Typically, a survey takes between 5 and 30 minutes to complete. So, naturally, you want to complete as many surveys as a day as possible. However, while this sounds ideal, you do not have much control over the numbers. 

Forthright only posts surveys depending on the demand they have from their clients. This means you might get multiple surveys in one day, none the next day, and one on other days. 

Aside from surveys, you can also earn on Forthright by participating in periodic product testing. 

All Forthright surveys are mobile-friendly, so you can take surveys from anywhere. The site is super-easy to navigate on mobile, and once logged in, it functions much like an app. 

You can contact Forthright’s customer service via Facebook, Twitter, and email if you encounter any issues. A Zendesk help feature is also available. 

Forthright Surveys: Pros and Cons


  • There are no minimum payouts, and your money is always accessible
  • There is no point system in place
  • They have a $2 loyalty bonus system applicable to all
  • The surveys on the site are easier and faster to complete


Some of the less desirable features of this site are:

  • Getting customer care services is harder on this site than it is on most other platforms
  • Users hate getting the ‘’quota full’’ message when in the process of completing a survey
  • earnings are considered to be on the lower side for surveys that take 20 plus minutes to complete

Forthright Surveys – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forthright Surveys?

Forthright Surveys is an online survey platform that allows you to earn rewards by sharing your opinions and feedback with companies and brands. 

How do I sign up for Forthright Surveys?

You can sign up for Forthright Surveys by visiting their website and creating an account. Once you sign up, you can start taking surveys and earning rewards.

How do I earn rewards with Forthright Surveys?

You can earn rewards by completing surveys on the Forthright Surveys platform. Each survey you complete will earn you specific points, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

How much can I earn with Forthright Surveys?

The amount you can earn with Forthright Surveys depends on how many surveys you complete and how much time you spend on the platform. 

How often will I receive surveys from Forthright Surveys?

The frequency of surveys you receive from Forthright Surveys will depend on your demographic information and the needs of the companies and brands looking for feedback. 

Is Forthright Surveys legitimate?

Yes, Forthright Surveys is a legitimate platform that has been around for several years. They have a good reputation in the survey industry and have paid out millions of dollars in rewards to their users.

How do I redeem my rewards from Forthright Surveys?

You can redeem your rewards from Forthright Surveys by logging into your account and selecting the reward you want to redeem. You can choose from cash or gift cards from various popular retailers.

Forthright Surveys: The Bottom-line

Being a member of Forthright surveys is unlikely to be your gateway to riches. However, if you are looking for some small monies here and there to sort out petty bills, this can work well as a side hustle. 

Remember to check your notifications and fill in surveys as quickly as you get the alerts.