Top 20 Free Transcription Software: Enhance Your Workflow for Free

free transcription software

As a writer, entrepreneur, or content creator, time is of the essence. 

We’re constantly juggling tasks, striving for efficiency, and seeking ways to amplify our productivity. The last thing you want to do is transcribe large audio files; worse, pay a premium to get that done. 

That’s where free transcription software swoops in to save the day. 

If your tasks involve transcribing audio for pay, I’m going to unravel the secret world of free transcription software, revealing the best gems that will revolutionise your workflow and save you some bucks.

The 10 Best Free Transcription Software Tools

The following are some of the best free transcription software tools that you can use:

Riverside. fm offers an accurate AI transcription tool that supports 100+ languages. This makes it suitable for recording, editing, and sharing conversations used by podcasters, marketers, and producers who need the convenience of a fast yet accurate transcript.


Descript is a suite of tools for videos and podcasts that offers automatic transcriptions with outstanding quality. Its AI-powered transcription technology can accurately identify multiple speakers, even in loud environments.

Plus, Descript automatically removes filler words like “um” and “ah,” giving transcripts more clarity and the added professional touch. In addition to English, Descript also supports over 22 different languages – making it great for transcribing international videos or conferences quickly and accurately.

This software has advanced text editing features such as timecode insertion, overdub audio substitution from the video clip library, and speaker labels to make finding different speakers quick and easy.


Otter is a free transcription software tool that offers an AI-powered speech recognition algorithm to transcribe video meetings and speech-to-text in real time with high accuracy.

Its automated notes feature allows users to maximize their engagement in conversations and store important information or key phrases within transcripts. 

Otter has become popular among big companies like Zoom, Dropbox, and IBM for its cost-effectiveness and convenience; it can easily record audio from phones and web browsers.

Additionally, this powerful program offers multiple useful features such as multi-speaker recognition for playback/editing by participants, timestamps insertion into the timeline of the transcript, support for 22 languages (including English), and mobile app availability (iOS/Android).

It also provides users an easily shareable link to access transcripts directly from any other device without downloading them separately.


Vowel is a live transcription and meeting functionality tool that easily captures important moments and action items for reference later. With Vowel’s instant recordings and searchable transcripts, you can quickly locate information across your past meetings.

Furthermore, this software allows you to create a clip and share critical elements while keeping the rest of the meeting private—a perfect way to save time when referencing back discussions or decisions made in prior gatherings.


Tactiq is an innovative free transcription software tool that leverages AI and ML technologies to analyze meeting insights for improved accuracy. In addition, this browser extension offers integration with popular platforms such as Zoom, Asana, Jira, and Salesforce for added convenience.

It can transcribe meetings to Google Docs, Slack, or Confluence with the click of a button, and without leaving the page, you are on. 

The program uses secure and private technology, which means no data is stored without user consent – so users can have peace of mind when using it.


oTranscribe is one of the top free transcription software tools that can help those who need to quickly and accurately convert audio or video files into text. It’s an open-source platform, meaning it’s free and secure – all media files stay on your local computer, making them safe from prying eyes online.

Along with its easy and intuitive user interface, oTranscribe also has interactive timestamps allowing users to jump between what they are listening to and typing up their transcriptions.

Its customizable keyboard controls let you adapt the editor’s layout to fit how you work best to get transcripts going more quickly. Overall, oTranscribe offers users a valuable resource that helps improve productivity while keeping quality control high.


Transcribe offers a comprehensive range of transcription services for audio and video files. Their automated transcription service supports up to 35 languages, including English, Swedish, and Hindi, while their manual transcription tool is entirely free.

Users can access the platform without providing personal information or creating an account. All transcripts stored under users’ accounts are encrypted automatically to ensure top-level security.

With Transcribear’s file formats compatibility, you can easily upload and convert your audio/video files into text in multiple formats like WAV, MP3, and MP4 with just a few clicks.

The software also allows users to add custom timestamps for easy reference; this feature is handy when creating textual versions of interviews or podcast recordings that capture different speakers. is an AI-powered meeting assistant. Its unique feature set makes transcribing audio and video content quick and accurate, thanks to its real-time enablement.

The program includes automatic speaker recognition to catch every speech nuance – making it easier for users to unlock searchable insights from audio or video files.

Fireflies offer a live transcription display within one window, so you don’t need to switch between windows or use additional software for editing options like timecodes insertion, text formatting, etc., which is convenient for users who need to quickly transcribe audio formats such as mp3, m4a, and wav files.

It also allows you to create transcripts in many languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hindi. is a prominent AI-based transcription tool that will cut down the cost you spend on manual transcribing tasks for your business.

The program uses speaker labels to ensure transcripts are correctly structured and readable, unlocking hassle-free file organization through shared projects from’s unified dashboard or exported into Word format for easy access.


Deepgram is one of the best free transcription software tools and offers powerful AI capabilities that make it stand out from its competitors. 

Its comprehensive technology utilizes proprietary deep learning algorithms to quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video files, with a 1-hour job taking only 3 seconds to complete.

Furthermore, Deepgram can recognize different speakers during conversations, making it useful for call center agents who need accurate transcripts generated in real-time.

The software supports multi-language capacity, including English, French, German, Hindi, Turkish, Portuguese Spanish, and Swedish. 

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is one of the top free transcription software tools for audio and video files, offering both a free and professional (Pro) version. It has built-in features such as hotkey support from the keyboard and also supports transcription pedal support.

The Pro allows users to upload audio or video files directly from CDs, set up auto send of transcriptions client sync facility, and integrate with other platforms like Microsoft Word or FastFox Text Expander.

Express Scribe can transcribe extensive and lengthy interviews quickly and accurately via a multi-speaker recognition feature in an organized fashion through its timeline mechanism, which helps to easily catch every word spoken during recordings while producing accurate transcripts within minutes.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to navigate their settings without prior experience editing a transcript.

The FTW Transcriber

The FTW Transcriber is one of the top free transcription software tools for quickly creating accurate and efficient transcripts. 

Apart from its support for various audio formats such as WAV, MP3, and OGG, this tool offers features like a customizable hotkey-based audio player for easy control and foot pedal support for hands-free transcription.

It also has an inbuilt editor to help make corrections and annotations in transcriptions while using the spell-checker to ensure accuracy. 

FTW Transcriber further helps productivity levels by delivering quality transcripts within minutes with the additional capability of automatic timestamp insertion at specified intervals.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems, it offers a valuable solution for hands-off transcribing that saves time without compromising accuracy or accessibility.


Inscribe is a powerful yet easy-to-use transcription software platform that makes it simple to transcribe audio and video files into text. 

It’s designed with intuitive keyboard shortcuts for convenience and accuracy, enabling users to control playback speed and capture precise moments from the audio or video file without going through multiple steps.

This makes it an ideal tool for quickly creating accurate transcripts of complex conversations. Inqscribe supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese – making it suitable for multi-language projects and those requiring one language.


Free Transcriptions is a free and open-source digital transcription software that offers users an intuitive way to transcribe audio or video files in real-time. 

It provides features such as customizable playback controls, dynamic text recognition technology, and timecode logging for maximum accuracy.

FreeTranscriptions allows you to easily upload your audio or video files to begin transcription without worrying about lengthy conversion processes. 

The program uses AI-powered algorithms to provide high accuracy even with poor-quality recordings. It has support for multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Dutch, for instant translation of the transcripts within the application itself.

Google’s Transcription Tools

Google offers a range of powerful if not yet all-encompassing, features for free transcription. This includes speech recognition in several languages, automatic speaker identification, and adjusting playback speed.

With its processor being extremely accurate – assured through years of technical development – Google’s tools can deliver results that surpass most expectations.

Accuracy is essential when dealing with text derived from audio, thus making accuracy paramount when selecting appropriate transcription software solutions. 


Sonix is a powerful free transcription software tool used by hundreds of people across the globe to quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video files. 

It uses cutting-edge AI technology to recognize speakers in recordings, allowing for high-accuracy transcriptions—all within minutes! 

With its automatic speech recognition feature, punctuation insertion capability, broad language support, and user-friendly interface, Sonix can quickly transform long talks into concise written transcripts that are easy to access.

The software also offers collaboration features such as real-time editing capabilities so users can simultaneously work on transcriptions with their colleagues or teammates without any hassle.

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a leading free transcription software with features and benefits that make it suitable for personal and professional use. It is one of the best free transcription tools, offering accurate and speedy transcriptions in over 60 languages.

The software allows users to transcribe audio and video files quickly with AI-powered accuracy and allows team collaboration on group projects. 

A built-in editor lets you easily edit your transcriptions while various export options, including plain text, Word, or PDF formats, let you share results effortlessly.


Trint is a cutting-edge, AI-powered transcription and content analysis tool that helps users transcribe audio and video quickly and accurately. 

Trint offers interactive editing capabilities; users can add tags for topics or speakers to their transcript to efficiently sort through different sections.

It also supports 31 languages with natural (human) speech recognition technology—a helpful feature that makes it one of the most versatile options for non-native English speakers.


Limecraft is a reliable and accurate free transcription software tool offering automatic transcription with near-human accuracy. 

It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve accuracy and handle multiple audio and video formats such as WAV, AVI, MP3, MOV, and AAC.

This makes it perfect for creating subtitles or captions for videos with great detail and accuracy due to its features. 

Limecraft also offers customizable transcription settings such as punctuation insertion, timecode insertion, language support (including English), user-friendly interface with fast processing speed.

Benefits Of Using Free Transcription Software

The following are some of the perks that you can enjoy by leveraging the free transcription software options above: 

Improved Productivity

Making use of free transcription software can improve the productivity of individuals or businesses by quickly retrieving information from audio and video files, reducing manual transcription time, and producing accurate transcripts quickly.


Free transcription software can be an excellent solution for businesses and individuals who need to transcribe audio files regularly and need to save on costs.

Enhanced Accuracy

Transcribing audio and video files into text can be mainly particularly if they contain multiple speakers, various accents, or technical jargon. This is why free transcription software can provide an essential aid for businesses and personal needs alike.

Transcription software utilizes advanced AI algorithms trained explicitly on large databases to understand speaker patterns and accurately recognize different types of sound.

Increased Accessibility

Free transcription software can increase accessibility to information for individuals who are deaf or have hearing problems, unlocking valuable audio content. Automatic transcription and multi-speaker recognition tools can drastically improve accuracy, making transcriptions more accessible to a broader range of people.

Language support is also essential, allowing users worldwide with different language abilities to benefit from transcribing media files. 

Types Of Transcription Software

There are two types of transcription software; 

  • Manual Transcription – requires a person manually transcribe audio into text using their own devices and tools such as keyboards, headsets, and foot pedals. 
  • Automated Transcription – employing AI technology to automatically generate transcripts with higher speed and accuracy levels than manual transcription can achieve.

Features To Consider When Choosing Free Transcription Software

When looking for the best free transcription software, it is important to consider features such as;

Automatic Transcription

Automatic transcription is a widely used technology for converting microphone audio or video recordings into text, revolutionizing how people communicate and share information.

Through automated speech recognition (ASR), machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, this process uses AI to break down complex spoken words and convert them into written sentences that humans can easily edit and understand.

Multi-speaker Recognition

Multi-speaker recognition is a crucial feature to consider when selecting free transcription software. This technology helps identify multiple speakers in an audio recording, allowing the transcript to accurately and clearly distinguish each individual’s voice.

Multi-speaker recognition improves accuracy and efficiency in transcribing audio recordings with several speakers.

Audio And Video Compatibility

Audio and video compatibility is one of the most important features when choosing free transcription software. It’s essential that the software can support a wide range of audio and video formats, so users can successfully convert their documents into accurate transcripts.

Text Editing Tools

Text editing tools are essential for free transcription software as they allow users to create accurate transcriptions quicker and more efficiently. Text editing tools allow you to edit, search, and customize transcripts according to your needs.

Standard features in text editing tools include inserting footnotes, auto-saving, spell-checking, highlighting specific parts of the transcript for later review or collaboration purposes, and adding comments and annotations into a draft script or within audio files while creating timecode markers when needed.

Timecode Insertion

Timecode insertion is an advanced feature available with many transcription software tools. It automatically or manually adds timestamps to the transcriptions, denoting the events’ duration in a recorded conversation or audio file.

These timecodes enable easy editing and quick reference by locating specific parts of transcripts. Furthermore, it aids accuracy and helps keep track of who said what at which point during a recording.

Language Support

Access to transcription software with extensive language support can be valuable for businesses or individuals who work with global customers or have non-native English speakers.

Mobile App Availability

Having a mobile app makes free transcription software even more appealing and user-friendly. Mobile apps provide flexibility, allowing users to record audio from anywhere they have an internet connection, transforming any device into their transcription studio.

How To Choose The Best Free Transcription Software For Your Needs

To determine the best free transcription software for your needs, take the following factors into consideration: 

Assess Your Transcription Needs

Before choosing a free transcription software, it is essential to assess what your needs are. You should consider factors such as the type of audio and video files you plan on transcribing, the language used in the recording (if any), how many speakers there are, and what level of accuracy is required.

Evaluate Software Features And Capabilities

It’s essential to consider the features and capabilities of free transcription software when choosing one for your needs. Look for features like automatic transcription, multi-speaker recognition, audio and video compatibility, text editing tools, timecode insertion, and language support.

This will help ensure quality transcriptions with accurate data. 

Check Compatibility With Your Device

Confirming that your device is compatible with transcription software can’t be overstated. One key factor in successful transcription is whether the hardware and software will work together effectively since compatibility issues can cause malfunctions or inaccurate transcriptions.

Not to mention wasted time and aggravation if you find out after downloading a program that it won’t run on your setup. Before making any purchases or subscriptions, always check that the transcription software you’re considering satisfies all of the technical requirements for running on your computer – Operating System, processor speed, memory cache size, and available disk space may all influence performance when using specific tools.

Consider User-friendliness

User-friendliness is an essential factor to consider when selecting transcription software. After all, nobody wants to use a tool that won’t be able to deliver the desired results or cause frustration and delay due to its cumbersome user interface.

FAQs on Free Transcription Software

What is transcription software?

Transcription software is a program used to record, edit and generate transcriptions of audio files. 

How do I choose the best free transcription software?

When choosing a free transcription program, it is essential to consider user experience, accuracy rate, and time-saving features like auto-transcribing capabilities, depending on the project requirements/size. 

Final Take On Free Transcription Software

Free transcription software can benefit those looking to quickly and accurately convert audio into text. 

Software such as Otter, Temi, Rev, Trint, and Descript offers users features like automated transcription, multi-speaker recognition, and audio/video compatibility that empower them to create accurate transcripts easily.

However, although free versions of these tools are available, their accuracy rates may need to match up to their paid counterparts. 

While paid options may guarantee higher accuracy levels — due to their human element — they have a price tag attached.