Online Typing Jobs: Lucrative Opportunity To Earn From Home

Online Typing Jobs For Students

Long gone are the days when students did nothing but study during their college years. Today, many students are finding work opportunities that allow them to earn some extra money online as they study.

Online typing jobs are a perfect example of jobs that can earn you some cash while allowing you to work from home.

What Do Online Typing Jobs Entail?

Online typing jobs require you to type out documents for clients.

These clients can be small businesses that prefer to hire a freelance typist than employ a permanent employee.

Similarly, professionals like doctors must type outpatient records from time to time. Hiring a typist allows them to focus more on patient care than administrative duties.

Requirements For Online Typing Jobs

Online typing jobs are an excellent option for students because they have minimal requirements and don’t require any capital.

To get started, you need:

·        A laptop or desktop: a smartphone can work too, albeit with some challenges because of the screen size

·        A good internet connection: you will get the jobs online, complete them and submit them online. Some clients will require their jobs to be done on their software which also requires a stable internet connection.

·        A good typing speed; different typing jobs will have typing speed requirements, so it helps to know your typing speed in words per minute. Typing skills can be improved with time, so dont give up if you are not up to par in the beginning

·        Time: you will need to dedicate some time over the week to complete your projects. Luckily, you have the flexibility to work any time, day or night, as long as you meet your deadlines.

The big question is: where do you get clients for paid typing jobs?

Where To Get Paying Clients

Like all other freelance jobs, you must find clients willing to pay for your services. is a leading online marketplace where clients and freelancers can connect for various projects, including typing jobs. It offers a bidding system, where freelancers can place bids on available projects. With millions of registered users, provides ample opportunities for finding typing gigs.


online typing jobs on upwork

Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that connects professionals with clients looking for various services, including online typing jobs. With its user-friendly interface, Upwork makes it easy to create a profile and apply for relevant projects. Its escrow system ensures secure payments for completed work.


Fiverr is a unique platform where freelancers can offer their services, called “gigs,” starting at $5. It is an excellent place for those looking to offer typing services, as you can create custom gigs to cater to specific client needs. Fiverr’s rating system helps freelancers build their reputation over time.


FlexJobs is a job board that focuses on remote, flexible, and freelance work opportunities. By offering a curated list of legitimate job postings, FlexJobs ensures the quality of its listings. Although it requires a subscription fee, the investment can be worthwhile for finding reliable online typing jobs.

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is another job board that specializes in remote work opportunities. It offers a wide range of job categories, including typing and data entry positions. With a user-friendly interface and a vetting process for job postings, Virtual Vocations is a reliable source for finding online typing jobs. is a transcription and captioning service platform that hires freelancers for typing-related tasks. By joining Rev as a freelancer, you can work on transcription, captioning, and subtitling projects. Payments are made weekly via PayPal, making it a convenient option for freelancers looking for typing jobs.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that also serves as a job search tool. By creating a comprehensive profile and showcasing your typing skills, you can connect with potential clients and find relevant job postings. LinkedIn’s networking opportunities can help you build a strong reputation and secure more typing gigs.

These are online freelancing sites that bring together employers and freelancers. What you do is go to the site and create an account. After your account becomes active, you can begin applying for jobs you feel qualified for. This is absolutely free. Nonetheless, remember to check the typing speeds required and ensure you fit the bill.

If an employer hires you, they will process your payment after you complete the assigned task.

Aside from the above, don’t hesitate to search the internet for clients that might need your services.

How Much Can You Earn from Online Typing Jobs?

Typing is considered a relatively simple job to do. Not just that, but most professionals are unlikely to take up typing as a job. Unfortunately, people with typing jobs don’t set aside a considerable budget for the work.

You will not get rich from typing jobs, but if you put in your time and effort, you can make cash to sort out a few bills while in college.

Not Your Cup Of Tea?

If you are keen on working online but tying isn’t your cup of tea, not to worry. There are many other online jobs you can look into that can match your passions and capabilities. Here are ten online jobs for your review.