Playtestcloud Review – How it Works & What to Expect

playtestcloud review

If you’re an enthusiastic online mobile gamer, you probably know how to select games you enjoy. And when a new game is released, you’ll be among the first people to play it – hoping it has the best graphics, themes, and all the good features. 

Before a game is released, it must be tested to ensure it’s bug-free and user-friendly. Developers often pick a few people to try the game and test certain features. 

If the testers love the game, it’s released to the market. If not, the developers will try to improve or add more features. 

What if you could be one of the testers? 

Playtestcloud is among the many websites that allow people to test new games before they are released. And there’s nothing for free – the site will pay you for trying out the game on behalf of others.

But before you get excited, is Playtestcloud safe and legit? How do you earn from testing games, and how much? 

This playtestcloud review guide will provide answers to these and more questions about Playtestcloud. Let’s start with an overview of the site.

What is Playtestcloud?

Playtestcloud is a website that allows you to test new mobile games before they are released to the market. The site connects its clients with testers to try out new games prior to being launched.

The company is situated in Germany but links game developers to testers from most parts of the world, including the UK, US, and Canada. It was founded in October 2012.

Additionally, Playtestcloud is registered at the district court of Berlin Charlottenburg and has two managing directors, Marvin Killing and Christian Ress.

Playtestcloud allows developers to get accurate and honest feedback about their games before they hit the market. The test is done in various game development stages, including;

  • Prototyping
  • Game development
  • Soft launch
  • Post-release 

But is the site legit? Let’s find out below. 

Is Playtestcloud legit?

Based on our review, we find Playtestcloud to be a legitimate mobile games testing site. 

Why do we say so?

The company has been there since 2012 and has worked with multiple renowned mobile gaming companies like Ubisoft. 

Additionally, visiting their website will find valid terms of service and privacy policy pages. The terms of service and privacy policies are binding to testers, developers, and Playtestcloud.

Also, they don’t ask you to pay anything to sign up or become a playtester. So you can quickly get started and start earning. 

Furthermore, Playtestcloud has displayed and listed its founders’ names, faces, and contacts on its site. You can visit their site to know the team behind the mobile testing platform.

Moreover, many Playtestcloud users have left numerous reviews online about the platform, which displays its legitimacy.

So if you would like to become a mobile game playtester, Playtestcloud is a site worth trying.  

Is the site safe?

Before using a particular site, you want to protect all your data.

Playtestcloud is a totally safe platform for testing new mobile games. 

Why do we say so?

We did a safety inspection and found that Playtestcloud has terms of use (for playtesters and developers), a privacy policy, and an SSL certificate. 

Additionally, you don’t need to provide much personal information. Ideally, they only ask for your name, age, country, list of games you play, gaming devices, and how often you play games. No one can identify you quickly with this non-sensitive data. They ask for this information to match testers with the ideal mobile games. 

In their privacy policy, Playtestcloud reveals how they protect your information and how you can limit the data they share – the platform shares some data to game developers, including your Playtescloud ID, nationality, age, and your first name.

However, Playtestcloud does not sell your personal information to third parties. They only share your data with developers to connect you with paid mobile game tests. 

Additionally, the site has appropriate measures to prevent disclosure modifications, unauthorized access, and destruction of your data. 

If you want to change your consent to data processing, you should simply contact Playtestcloud to withdraw your consent. Also, you can delete your data and account at any time by contacting the Playtestcloud help center.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that Playtestcloud is 100% safe. Therefore, you should take precautions to protect your essential data.

Playtestcloud Sign Up

Now that you understand what Playtestcloud is and are sure of its safety and legitimacy, you might be concerned about how it works. 

There’s a procedure to be followed, from setting up an account to testing games and earning. The good news is that everything is straightforward. Here’s how Playtestcloud works.

Sign up with Playtestcloud

You’ll need to create an account with Playtestcloud to start testing games and getting paid. To do this, visit their sign-up page and set up your account for free.

Some of the information you’ll need to create an account with Playtestcloud include;

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Country, gender, and age
  • Games you enjoy playing on your phone (you’re free to mention PC/console games)
  • Your gaming device(s) – iOS, Android, etc.

Once you fill in all the required information, you’ll be asked to agree to the privacy policy and terms of service (by ticking in the boxes), then submit your application.

Wait for the qualification test

When you submit your application, Playtesctcloud will review it. They will send you a test to gauge your skills and capabilities if you qualify. 

The qualification test teaches you how to test new mobile games and provides honest and constructive feedback to developers. It’s just a short test, usually 5 minutes or less.

To ace the test, you should watch Playtestcloud’s youtube video before attempting it. 

The video provides more information about what to expect, how to test games and features, and how to provide feedback. 

Since it’s free, you can take the test as often as possible until you pass. If you fail, you’ll get feedback from Playtestcloud on how to improve and nail their test.

Note: you won’t be paid for the qualification test.

Get test invites

If you successfully handle the unpaid test, Playtestcloud will approve your request to test games – you’ll now be a playtester.

The platform will sporadically send you email invites to test new online games. The invitation will display the game you’re testing and a link to it. 

You’ll also get detailed instructions on how to test the game and record and upload the recording on the site. 

Additionally, a post-test survey will accompany the email invitation, which you must complete to get paid.

Complete tests and earn

As soon as you receive an email invitation to test a new mobile game, you should download the link and complete the test as per instructions. 

You’ll need a smartphone/computer and a pair of headphones to complete a test.

Playtestcloud and the game developers want you to provide meaningful feedback. So the site will install specific software on your gaming device to capture your screen voice and touch. This helps game developers understand how you’re testing their mobile games.

Sometimes, the developers will provide specific in-game tasks or testing instructions that you must follow during the test. 

Some of the feedback clients expect include;

  • Bugs you encounter
  • Mention some user interfaces you like/dislike
  • Specific features you dislike
  • Suggestions to improve game performance

Once you complete and upload your recording, Playtestcloud will review your test. If they think you followed client instructions and provided valuable feedback, they’ll approve your test. 

Once a test is approved, you get paid for the test.

How does Playtestcloud pay you?

Your test is complete and approved, and you’ve been paid. So how do you get the money? 

Playetstcloud has a single preferred payment method, Paypal. 

Therefore, you’ll need to have a PayPal account or open one if you don’t have to get paid. Your payment processing will take a few days after Playtestcloud approves your testing session.

Playtestcloud prefers Paypal because it has the lowest costs for sending international payments. According to them, Paypal is the best digital method of transferring payments internationally. 

Also, the site doesn’t want you to give out sensitive financial information, including your bank account or credit card numbers. With Paypal, you only need to provide an email address registered to your Paypal account. 

However, Playtestcloud will need your postal address for internal bookkeeping as part of German law. But they will never contact you via post or share your postal address.

How to cash out 

You don’t have to request payments from Playtestcloud – the site will send your earnings automatically 3 times/week. You just need to ensure your Paypal email is up to date on your profile. 

Furthermore, Playtestcloud doesn’t have a minimum payout.

Who can join Playtestcloud?

Just like other website testing platforms, Playtestcloud has some requirements and restrictions. You must pass their eligibility criteria to become a playtester on the site.

So, what are the requirements for joining Playtestcloud?

  • Age requirement

Typically, most Playtesting websites require their testers to be 18+ years. This is because you’ll need a Paypal account, which can only be opened by someone above 18. 

If the site allows people below 18 years to be playtesters, they’ll need their parent’s/guardian’s Paypal account to receive payments. 

However, Playtestcloud allows kids to be playtesters on their platform. The parent must be present during the test to guide the child (but you’re not allowed to play the game on behalf of your child).

Ideally, Playtestcloud will send you an invite in your email, indicating that it’s for your kids. In addition, Playtestcloud is compliant with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the federal trade commission in the USA.

Playtestcloud states that children cannot express themselves as adults, but they can say what they like or dislike in a particular mobile game. 

So, although parents can encourage their kids during tests, they shouldn’t talk or play in their place.

  • Country requirements

Playtestcloud welcomes playtesters from worldwide. Unfortunately, most developers prefer testers from the UK, Canada, and the US. 

Therefore, you may sign-up to Playtestcloud and pass the qualification test, but if you’re outside the UK, US, and Canada, you won’t get many testing opportunities.

  • Device requirements

Playtestcloud prefers testers to use mobile devices to try out new games, although you can do it on your PC or computer. You’ll need an Android device (version 5.0 or higher) or an iOS device (version 10 or higher). 

Some supported iOs devices include iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, iPhone XS, and iPhone 7Plus. You can view the complete list of support devices here. 

Additionally, you need a pair of headphones, a microphone, and a stable internet connection. 

  • Other requirements

Since most tests are done in English, fluency in the language is mandatory. Also, you need to be audible enough throughout the testing process.

Playtestcloud Pros and Cons

Since Playtestcloud isn’t the only game testing online platform, you should consider the pros and cons before signing up. Ideally, the platform is safe and legit. But it has some downsides, which we must cover in this Playtestcloud review. So here is the good and the bad of Playtestcloud.

Pros of Playtestcloud

  • Trustworthy game testing platform
  • Technically available worldwide
  • Free to join
  • Pays real cash
  • Fast payout times
  • Great payout rate
  • No minimum pay

Cons of Playtestcloud

  • Only supports Paypal – which may be unavailable in some countries
  • Unpaid qualification test
  • Inconsistent test invites – especially for those not in the US, Canada, and the UK

Why You Should/Should not Sign Up with Playtestcloud

Playtestcloud is a trusted and legit game testing platform. It pays you to test games that are yet to be launched. Developers will use your feedback to fix bugs and improve the features and performance of the games before being released.

While you may want to quickly sign up and start getting paid to test online mobile games, there are a few factors to consider.

When you should sign up at Playtestcloud

  • You like mobile games

If mobile games are your cup of tea, then Playtestcloud is for you. Developers want testers to be people who play mobile games more often. They want to know your expectations and feedback before they release the game. 

So if you’re always on your smartphone, enjoying mobile games, why not take up this chance to earn money testing games?

  • You have a lot of free time

If there’s nothing else you’re doing other than playing games online, you might want to consider becoming a playtester at Playtestcloud. Instead of wasting your valuable time on other things, you should spend it testing mobiles games and earning.

  • Want to make some extra pocket cash

You should always diversify your income sources with every opportunity you get. Although the pay isn’t significant, you can use the little earnings to boost your income.

When you should not sign up at Playtestcloud

You can’t rely on the earnings from Playtestcloud to pay your bills or fund your projects. If this is your primary objective, then signing up at the platform might not be your best move. 

In fact, Playtestcloud warns you that playtesting is not a full-time job.

The earnings from the site are not regular nor significant. Moreover, the test invites are lower and inconsistent, especially if you’re not in the UK, US, or Canada. 

So Playtestcloud shouldn’t be your primary source of income. Instead, you should find online jobs, perhaps start a blog or become a freelancer.

Note: Don’t quit your job to be a playtester at Playtestcloud. Instead, use it as a make-quick-money side hustle.

How much do you earn from Playtestcloud?

This is your part if you’re curious to know how much money you can make testing mobile games on Playtestcloud. 

You’re likely to earn approximately $7 per 15-minute session. Additionally, you’ll receive your earnings in $USD or $GBP, depending on your country’s currency.

Furthermore, your earnings on Playtestcloud will vary depending on how often you receive test invites. The more tests you do, the more you’ll earn. 

Also, the reward payments vary based on the tasks needed during the test and the length of the playtest.

Playtestcoud will let you know the expected earnings for each task in their email invitations.  The payments are made via Paypal. 

Ways to earn on Playtestcloud

There are two ways to earn on Playtestcloud. You can pick one or go with both to maximize your earnings. 

Earn as a playtester

The first and primary way to earn on Playtestcloud is through playtests. When you become a tester, you’ll receive test invites to try-out new mobile games. 

Playtestcloud links you to their clients (game developers) to test mobile games before launch. Once you complete the playtest, the site will pay you based on the test instructions.

Note: The test invites come with an NDA prohibiting you from sharing information about your tests with others.

Earn through surveys

Another way to earn on Playtestcloud is through their standalone surveys. Playtestcloud allows its clients to run surveys from players from various target markets. The surveys provide insights into icon choices, new game concepts, and more. 

So, you can get paid to participate in the surveys and provide insights to help improve mobile game features and development. 

Sometimes game developers request Playtestcloud cloud to perform follow-up surveys—this target players who’ve tested a specific mobile game from a particular client. 

How do you get support from Playtestcloud?

Playtestcloud seems to have a decent support system for testers. 

Their FAQ section has all the answers to most, if not all, players questions. Additionally, the section discusses the most fundamental topics about Playtestcloud and its playtesters.

Furthermore, they have a Contact Us page where you can get help from a support representative. You’ll get a response within a few hours if you send a request. 

If you have more inquiries you wish to make, you can channel them to their help center via the email 

How to increase chances of getting playtests + some essential tips

On average, you’ll receive a playtest invite every week, but you could take an extended period to receive any. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict the number of tests you can perform.

When coming up with a playtest, Playtestcloud selects players randomly based on the demographic requirements of the client (game developer). 

Therefore, playtesters in the UK, US, and Canada receive more tests than those from other parts of the world.

However, you can increase your chances of getting playtests in multiple ways.

  • Keep your profile updated – you’ll get more test invites if your device, favorite and current games are up to date. In addition, Playtestcloud will occasionally send you email alerts reminding you to update your profile.
  • Add games you’ve played immensely – When updating your profile, be sure to include games you’ve played extensively. You won’t get tests relevant to you if you update your profile with games you don’t or haven’t played more often.
  • Accept and start tests immediately after you receive an invite – the test invites from Playtestcloud have deadlines and quotas. Therefore, as soon as an invite hits your email, download the game and start the test.
  • Have one tester account – you might be tempted to open multiple Playtestcloud accounts to complete more tests and maximize your earnings. However, if the site notices such activity, all the accounts will be terminated. 

Additionally, avoid using other people to complete tests on your behalf using your Playtestcloud account.

Playtestcloud alternatives

Up to this point, we can agree that Playtestcloud is a legit and safe platform for testing games and conducting paid surveys. 

But if you don’t fancy Playtestcloud, here are other similar websites to try out;

FAQs on Playtestcloud

What is Playtestcloud?

Playtestcloud is a remote playtesting service for mobile games. It allows game developers to test their games with real players in real-time, providing valuable feedback and insights to improve the game.

How does Playtestcloud work?

Game developers submit their game to Playtestcloud, which then invites players to play the game remotely. Players are asked to provide feedback on their experience while playing the game, which is then compiled and provided to the game developer.

What should I expect from a Playtestcloud review?

A Playtestcloud review provides valuable feedback on your game, including areas of improvement and what players enjoyed about the game. You can expect to receive actionable insights that can help you improve your game and make it more engaging for players.

Is Playtestcloud easy to use?

Yes, Playtestcloud is designed to be easy to use for both game developers and players. Game developers simply submit their game to Playtestcloud and receive feedback, while players are invited to play the game remotely and provide feedback on their experience.

How much does Playtestcloud cost?

Pricing for Playtestcloud varies based on the number of players and the length of the playtesting session. You can visit their website to learn more about their pricing options.

Is Playtestcloud secure?

Yes, Playtestcloud takes security seriously and uses industry-standard security measures to protect your game and player data. They also have a strict privacy policy to ensure that your data is kept confidential.

Playtestcloud Review: Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, PlaytestCloud has reshaped the landscape of game testing with its easy, enjoyable, and rewarding approach.

Whether you’re a gamer seeking the thrill of early access to games or a developer looking for in-depth feedback, PlaytestCloud stands as a remarkable platform. Unleash your inner gamer or refine your masterpiece – the choice is yours!