Official Stima Sacco Paybill Number

stima sacco paybill

Navigating the financial world can be a complicated endeavor, but thankfully, with institutions like Stima Sacco, it becomes significantly easier. One standout aspect of this financial institution is its streamlined approach to payments. So, if you’re wondering how to harness the ease of Stima Sacco’s Paybill number, keep reading!

What is Stima Sacco

Founded in 1974, Stima Sacco is a leading Kenyan Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) that provides many financial services, from loans to savings accounts. It’s renowned for its innovation, member-oriented approach, and, importantly, for the convenience it offers via its official Paybill number.

Stima Sacco’s Official Paybill Number

Stima Sacco’s M-Pesa Paybill number is 823244 simplifies payments for loan repayments or regular contributions. This hassle-free system enables you to make payments anytime, anywhere, at the touch of a few buttons.

Instructions for Using Stima Sacco’s Paybill Number

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your Stima Sacco payments using the official Paybill number:

1. Open your M-Pesa menu and select ‘Lipa na M-Pesa.’

2. Select ‘Paybill.’

3. Enter 823244  as the Business Number.

4. Input your Stima Sacco membership number as the Account Number.

5. Type in the amount you wish to pay.

6. Confirm the details, input your M-Pesa PIN, and hit ‘OK.’

7. Await your M-Pesa confirmation message. Once received, your transaction is successful!

FAQs on Stima Sacco Paybill Number

What is Stima Sacco’s official Paybill number?

Stima Sacco’s official Paybill number is 823244. You can use this number to make contributions or repay loans using M-Pesa.

Can I make my loan repayments via M-Pesa?

Yes, Stima Sacco’s M-Pesa Paybill number lets you conveniently repay your loan.

What should I enter as the Account Number when paying via M-Pesa?

When paying, your Account Number will be your Stima Sacco membership number.

Can non-members make payments to Stima Sacco via M-Pesa?

Only registered members can pay via M-Pesa, as your Stima Sacco membership number is required to complete the transaction.

Final Thoughts on Stima Sacco’s Paybill Number

Effortless and efficient – that’s what Stima Sacco’s Paybill system is all about. Now, you can keep your financial journey on track with a few buttons. Enjoy the ease of banking with Stima Sacco!