Top 10 Transcription Jobs in Kenya that Pay Via M-Pesa

Transcription Jobs in Kenya

How much can I earn working from home in Kenya as a transcriber? Where can I get transcription jobs in Kenya? Are transcription sites legit?

If your mind is smothered by these and such-like questions and you don’t seem to get the right answers, you’ve come to the right place. In a moment, you’ll be thoroughly inspired and equally enlightened.

Then you’ll hopefully pick yourself up boldly, offer transcription services, and make some real money online. Won’t you?

As far as transcription jobs in Kenya go, this article leaves no stone unturned. Read on, and you’ll see for yourself.    

What Are Transcription Jobs in Kenya?

Online transcription involves listening to an audio or video clip, then writing what’s said following specific guidelines. Although this activity has common rules, every company or client has specific guidelines (also known as style guides) they train and expect you to follow.

If you have your eye on online transcription, you’ll do well to familiarize yourself with its ins and outs first. That’s what makes this post timely for you. You’ll find out the requirements, the ‌skills you need under your belt to become an online transcriber, and where to find transcription jobs.     

Are Transcription Jobs in Kenya Legit?

Yes. Online transcription jobs are 100% legit in Kenya and can be a worthwhile side hustle. Your income may depend on your experience, the pay rate of the company or platform you’re working for, and the extent of your tasks, such as transcribing and editing.

How Much Do Transcription Jobs in Kenya Pay?

As a transcriptionist in Kenya, you can earn between $15 and $25 per hour. But as you polish your skills and create great articles, your text might require less editing, and you might increase your typing speed. In this case, you’re likely to make more money faster. You may hit the $30 per hour mark that professional transcriptions earn in Kenya.

Depending on your typing speed and the hours you dedicate to your transcription assignments, you can make up to KES8,000 a week. This is after considering that you can spend up to 8 hours turning a 60-minutes long clip into text. 

Getting Started as a Transcriptionist in Kenya

Before you venture into online transcription work, you need a good command of the English language. As a matter of necessity, your grammatical accuracy and attention to detail are your first justifications for considering a career in online transcription.

That said, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started as a transcriptionist in Kenya:

Decide what types of transcription jobs to take up

Some jobs, such as law and medicine, require a relevant university degree or one year of transcription training, while the rest are open to anyone. 

Improve your typing skills

If you’re a slow typist, keep practicing or enroll in advanced training. Some of the free sites that you can use to improve your typing speeds include Typing test, Type Online and Rapid Typing, among others.

Prepare your resume

Your resume represents you before potential employers; therefore, create and update it as your online transcription career progresses.

Apply for transcription jobs

Be proactive and persistent in your online transcription job search. You can find jobs on platforms like Legiit, Fiverr, Upwork or Konker. You might also decide to pitch for jobs directly with companies.

Familiarize yourself with the company style guide

Although the basic rules of transcription are similar, each company has a custom style guide that you must comply with to keep your transcription job. 

If you’re totally new to the transcribing space, you might want to familiarise yourself with the industry by taking a course online. I highly recomend Shelmith Kahu’s transcribing course and you should definitely check it out.

Take a typing test

Evaluate your typing skills and gauge them against the minimum requirements for most online transcription tasks.

Ensure you have the ‌equipment

A computer and high-speed internet are necessary. You may begin with your regular phone’s earphones, then buy an advanced audio set and a foot pedal for pausing and resuming audio and video files when you’ve passed the exams and completed a few jobs.

21 Places to Find Transcription Jobs in Kenya

Now that you know what you need to launch into transcription, how about some legit websites where you can land real gigs and start working online?  

Transcription Hub

There are online jobs at Transcription Hub for transcribers and editors. Before you’re allowed to join the platform’s Live Marketplace, you’ll undergo an evaluation to find out your ability to deliver quality work on time.

After completing the free registration process, log into your Transcription Hub account from the Dashboard. Then click on Under Transcribing and select Learn More to complete the evaluation process.

Depending on your score, you’ll be ranked either Gold, Silver, or Bronze. You’ll then be onboarded into the website and granted access to the transcription hub jobs. You can now download audios from the Live Marketplace, transcribe them, and upload the transcripts back through your account.

Your earnings will accumulate in your account until you request a payout, and Transcription Hub will transfer the money to your PayPal account. The platform makes payments between the first and fifth days of every month. 


Gotranscript, like Transcription Hub, is always hiring freelancers to meet its customers’ demand for quality transcripts. Before you effectively join Gotranscript, you’ll undergo two tests: a quiz and a transcription test job. You need to get a score of 100% on the quiz to proceed. If you fail, you’re allowed a retake.

After passing the two tests, go to the Gotranscript website and use the email you used for the test to sign up as a client. Then Gotranscript will send you further instructions via email.

This platform gives transcribers 6 hours to transcribe 10-minute long videos. Gotranscript is one of the highest-paying transcription platforms where you can make $150 a month on average. And your payment is sent to your PayPal account every week.


TranscribeMe is one of the best online work platforms for beginners. You’re likely to break even if you have zero transcription skills. Before you join TranscribeMe, you’ll take a simple test to prove your ability to start earning and learning on the job.

After being accepted to TranscribeMe, you can log into the WorkHub site where there are audio files ranging from 10 seconds to one minute. Once you select a file, your job is to write what you hear it saying and upload the text back to the website. Work assurance staff will take over from there.

Transcribe me pays well, up to $15 per audio hour. An audio hour means audio clips that, when joined, can play for one hour nonstop.

The minimum requirements for joining TranscribeMe include studying the TrancribeMe style guide and passing the test, fluency in English, and having grammatical prowess.

Once your earnings reach $20, you can request TranscribeMe to deposit your cash into your PayPal account. Otherwise, this platform issues payments weekly.


Fiverr transcription website

Fiverr is one of the top transcription job sites in Kenya that pay through M-Pesa and offers an excellent way for Kenyans to start a career in online transcription. Offering flexible working hours, excellent pay rates, and convenient payment options through M-Pesa, Fiverr is ideal for both experienced transcribers and beginners looking to get started with scaling up their income without leaving their homes.

Its continuous training and verification processes provide opportunities to work on different types of audio/video file transcription jobs, such as medical records, interviews, lectures, or podcasts.

Through its easy registration process, which involves creating an account on its website and uploading relevant documents, you can apply for gigs related to your preferred field immediately.

Verbit Transcription

Verbit is another great platform for both beginners and experienced transcribers. Apart from transcription, Verbit offers other online work opportunities, such as artificial intelligence (AI)-based captioning.

The only catch is that you aren’t supposed to alter the words, even if they’re grammatically wrong or irrelevant. This is important, especially for legal and medical projects.

The standard audio per hour pay at Verbit is $25, with experienced transcribers making up to $180 per hour.

To open a transcription account, visit


CastingWords is an online transcription company with an elaborate grading and rewarding system. Once you join CastingWords, you’re given a New Transcriber badge followed by Beginner Badge when they approve your first assignment. After pushing your tenth assignment through, you’ll be given a Working Hard badge.

The great thing about badges is that the more you acquire, the more work and the higher pay you’re given. Your reputation within CastingWords is as good as your badges. So, every assignment you submit either builds or undermines your standing.

CastingWords pay a minimum of $0.85 per audio minute, which translates to $2 per hour and is paid to your PayPal account.

Crowdsurf Transcription

Crowdsurf is another great place to work from home. Join this platform, and the application process involves going through the Upwork freelancer profile. Then join other transcribers in the Work Market by creating an account.

Once you’ve joined Upwork:

  • Search for Crowdsurf
  • Make an application to the Crowdsurf ad
  • Complete a transcription assessment test
  • Accept the counter-offer

You’ll receive a “hired” email once your assessment is approved. Crowdsurf will create a new transcription account for you and give you instructions on getting tasks.

Crowdsurf’s average pay is $21 per hour. Your earnings will accumulate in the Work Market account, and you can receive them via direct deposit or PayPal. 

Scribie Transcription

Scribie is a multi-niche online work platform that offers a wide range of freelance opportunities. The website offers practice tests for you to familiarize yourself with their style before you apply to join Scribie. Still, you’ll take and pass an actual test before being accepted into Scribie.

Once you’re unboarded, you’ll have access to various online tasks, such as:

  • Transcription
  • Digital voice-overs
  • Data entry services
  • Captioning

Scribie pays between $5 and $25, which is paid per task and accrues in your Scribie transcription account. You can transfer the cash to your PayPal account at any time. is a leading online transcription and captioning service platform established in 1997. The company offers transcription and editing services to businesses, corporations, media outlets, schools, and universities.

With an award-winning global network of over 30,000 language experts from around the world including professional transcribers in Kenya – stands out among other transcription job sites offering work from home opportunities for Kenyans looking to make money through transcription jobs.

Not only does Rev offer a highly convenient payment system (directly to Mpesa), but its pay rate for Kenyan freelance transcribers is also very competitive compared to other platforms– with audio files paying up to 2 shillings per audio minute or 3 shillings per hour audio file on average – more than double of what some similar platform offers.

Speechpad Transcription jobs in Kenya

Speechpad is one of the most recommended transcription companies for both beginners and veteran transcribers. Despite working for global giants such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and LinkedIn, Speechpad still has a place for rookie online transcribers too.

Although you don’t need transcription ‌experience to be accepted into Speechpad go through their application process, which involves two simple steps:

  • Take a basic transcription test and score over 98%.
  • Take a grammar test and score 75% or above.

As a new entrant, Speechpad will pay you $0.25 per audio minute, subject to an increase to $1 with experience and higher-quality work. Speechpad’s systems automatically send your money to your PayPal account twice a week. So, you don’t need to request a payout.   

Voxtab Transcription jobs in Kenya

Voxtab is a prestigious transcription company to work with. Their reputation and top-notch work have enabled this company to net big names such as Morgan State University, UNICEF, Sony, Aviva, and Tesol. In fact, Voxtab is one of the most award-decorated transcription firms out there.

To join Voxtab, you only need a university degree and transcription training. Then they’ll train you on the job until you hone your skills.

Voxtab hasn’t displayed its payment rate or frequency, but Glassdoor shows that Crimson Interactive, Voxtab’s parent company, pays its transcribers between $23 and $25 per hour.

Benefits of Transcription Jobs in Kenya

Continuing our journey into the world of transcription jobs in Kenya, we now unveil the remarkable benefits this opportunity brings. Below is a list of some of the benefits that you can enjoy completing transcription jobs in Kenya:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Ability to work from anywhere
  • Development of valuable skills such as typing speed and accuracy
  • Exposure to diverse content and knowledge
  • Low startup costs
  • Opportunity for steady income
  • Job security due to high demand
  • Improved language and listening skills
  • Potential for career growth and specialization
  • Work-life balance
  • Possibility of working with international clients
  • No specific academic qualifications required
  • Ability to set your own rates for services

If you’d love to learn this skill and how to monetise it, you definitely want to enroll in the course below;

Final Thoughts

There you have them. The best online transcription jobs in Kenya. Pick the one that seems accommodative of your skills and schedule, and put your best foot forward. Remember, just as in other professions, excellent work and consistency are the watchwords. Only then can you open a steady stream of cash on the side.